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Welcome to A Whispered Hope

When my two sons (Jason and Jarod) and a couple of former students of mine (Matt and Tammy (Berry) Christensen to be exact) sort of hounded me to start a blog, the phrase “fish out of water” came to mind. Mainly because my computer skills fall deeply into the incompetent range. However, as you can now see, I finally agreed—reluctantly.  None of this would have been possible at all without the skill and advice of Victoria Hernandez, Sports journalist for U.S.A. Today.


 My main purpose is to share with others my ideas concerning faith,  community, and culture. 


The section titled Walking the Same Ground: Glimpses of Community contains stories of community life in the small mountain town of Westcliffe, Colorado. It is a story that I, along with my wife Barb, have lived. 


The section titled, Reflections of Faith is my own journey of seeking God. It sometimes seems like a journey into ignorance. However, I am learning to embrace a growing number of questions, and a  diminishing number of answers and to be at peace with this as I strive to embrace the mystery.


After all, faith is about things hoped for but not seen. My intent is to explore, with those of you who choose to do so, this paradox of “seeing” the unseen.


If you are expecting adherence to some theological system or doctrinal statement, then you will be disappointed. I did not grow up in the church. I have not been to seminary or Bible college. And I am not a card carrying member of any denomination or organization. 


This may alert you that I often tend to “color outside the lines." I’m not apologizing. I just don’t believe Jesus came to give us theologies and doctrines. He came to give us life.


You will also notice a third section titled As I See It. This is reserved for my random thoughts and opinions concerning a variety of topics including culture, government, education, and history.


If you are like me and have more questions than answers, maybe something in A Whispered Hope, will intersect with your own life. Take what God gives you and disregard the rest. 

Richard A. Jones


Husband, father of four, grandfather of thirteen, wrangler, cook, guide, pastor, teacher, coach, and occasional ranch hand and cowboy.


Life, for me, has been rich and varied — and I am blessed. I am convinced that there is no dividing line between sacred and secular, but as Jesus said, the kingdom of God is within us, among us, in our midst.


Mine has not been a textbook faith, but rather a journey on the road less traveled: interactive, stumbling, learn as I go. It has not been about being religious, but about learning to live life here and now with eternity as its context.

To find our rightful place as individuals on God’s earth, I believe we must step back a little, relinquish our place as the dominant feature on the landscape of time, and allow creation, Scripture, the Spirit of God, and life itself to whisper the wisdom of eternity to our hearts. For me, this has required a laying down of conventional wisdom and assumptions and learning to be at home in the presence of mystery.


I believe that the high calling of Jesus is to live in hope as we travel through this broken world.

As someone once said, “Hope is hearing the music of eternity, and dancing to it today.”

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